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Energy3000 solar Carports

Your car park as a power station - refuel the electricity you generate yourself or feed it to your household.​

Multifunctional PV solution

The innovative PV-Carport from Energy3000 solar leaves nothing further to be desired in order to protect vehicles from external weather influences and at the same time generate energy:

  • Future-proof through photovoltaic roof
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Flexible designs and equipment variants
  • For one, two or more vehicles
  • Integrated Wallbox
  • High-quality components from renowned manufacturers
  • Complete system at an unbeatable price

Energy3000 Carport Varianten

Energy3000 Carport Heavy UP

Energy3000 Carport Heavy DOWN

Energy3000 Carport Light UP

Energy3000 Carport Light DOWN

One of the particular strengths of the PV-carport from Energy3000 solar is its versatility: The "Light" and "Heavy" versions (for normal or unusual loads) as well as the "UP" and "DOWN" versions (according to the customer's wishes or local requirements) mean that the solution can be designed flexibly.


In addition, the PV carports can be combined in virtually any way, so that the size and design of the system can be optimally adapted to requirements - there are no limits, especially for projects in the commercial and public sectors.



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