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One tool for all requirements

With the PV-Creator, Energy3000 solar sets new standards in the planning, calculation and execution of PV-systems of all sizes - from single-family homes to commercial and industrial properties to solar parks. You decide where and when you want to plan. And, also, from which end device. Start your browser, log in and get started immediately - your data is available anytime and anywhere.

We use as-built plans or the roof templates from Google Maps satellite images as the basis for our plans. This will take you step by step to the statically correct and economically optimised assembly system as well as to the design and wiring diagram. Plant-relevant planning and disturbance parameters such as wind and snow loads, roof pitch or site-specific solar radiation are automatically taken into account.

The PV-Creator not only plans exactly according to your ideas and project specifications, but also provides you with reliable project documentation. This includes impressive graphics and representations in accordance with the standards and norms to be observed.

The advantages of the PV-Creator at a glance:​

  • Plan, calculate, sell and process with just one tool
  • Automatic updates and cloud access
  • Simple operation
  • Roof template manually or from Google Maps
  • Detailed representation of the object and its surroundings
  • Representative graphics
  • Consideration of interference objects, location and weather data as well as shading
  • Offer calculation and ordering
  • Continuous further development based on feedback from specialist partners


Plan professionally in the future - we will be happy to inform you about the details!​