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Energy3000 solar - PV solutions for the next millennium


‘Nomen est omen’ - Energy3000 solar is dedicated to sustainable energy systems and solutions for the third millennium. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has carried out intensive research and development work in the field of renewable energy. This expertise flows specifically into the planning, project planning and practical implementation of photovoltaic systems of all sizes and requirement profiles.


The portfolio comprises of:​



Consumer installations for private households and commercial enterprises


Turnkey solar parks


Grid-independent solar power systems


hybrid solutions


Consumption-optimised energy and building management





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Our vision

We are a leading provider of products, solutions and services in the field of photovoltaics, storage systems and renewable energies.
We proudly contribute to the success of the energy revolution - towards a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system.

Our mission

Think globally - act locally!
Proceed in a structured manner - follow the vision!
Setting standards - with transparent business processes and digital tools!
Offer high quality - promote a learning culture!
Staying attractive - as a responsible employer!

Our values

We treat people, nature and the environment with respect - without exception!

We act sincerely and with integrity.

We take responsibility for the environment, employee and customer satisfaction.

We handle resources carefully.

 We act consistently and sustainably.

We make extraordinary efforts.

 We want to achieve the optimum together.











Locations of Energy3000 solar

The Energy3000 solar Group operates internationally and consists of three subsidiaries:​
  • Energy3000 solar GmbH in Austria
  • Energy3000 solar Kft. in Hungary
  • Energy3000 srl in Italy

Energy3000 solar manages from its locations projects in Austria, Italy, Hungary as well as Eastern and South-eastern Europe.



Everything from a single source - Energy3000 is your complete supplier!



Our partners

Top products for best PV-performance.
Energy3000 relies on strong trading partners.



Further information





VISONTA / Ungarn
VISONTA / Ungarn
VISONTA / Ungarn
Metro, St. Pölten, 1 MWp
Tomo Tec, Graz, 18,6 kWp
FF Lehmbach, 22 kWp, Donau Böhmerwald
Scheifling bei Murau, Steiermark, 200 kWp
Hotel Royer, Schladming, 100 kWp
CMB Engelhartszell, 60 kWp, G. Klampfer
Energie AG, Wolfern, 800 kWp
Kneidinger Center, Linz Strom, 150 kWp
Solarpark Judenburg, 1,2 MWp
Bürgerkraftwerk Kremsmünster, 100 kWp
Kommunalzentrum Peilstein, 36 kWp
Solarpark Kindberg, 1 MWp
ETU, Votzi, Breitstetten, 93 kWp
Flextronic ©Kärnten Solar, 1 MWp
REWE Ohlsdorf, 107 kWp
Flughafen Linz, 400 kWp
Energie AG, Aschedeponie Timelkam, 400 kWp
Lebenshilfe Rankweil, 115 kWp
Kärnten Solar, Baustoff Gressel, Poggersdorf, 200 kWp
Energy3000 solar Mitarbeiteranlage, Bad Vöslau, 462 kWp
Elektrotechnik Binder, Forstgut Kupferschmidt, 47 kWp
Kärnten Solar, Volksschule Weissensee, 61 kWp
REWE Inzersdorf, 100 kWp
Judenburg, Heizwerk Fohnsdorf, 180 kWp
EnUmtech, Einhausung Trebesing, 300 kWp
Kärnten Solar, Weissenseer, 150 kWp
Helios II
Helios II
Helios II
Helios II
Helios II
Helios II
Donauzentrum, 1000 kWp
Muggiò (MB), 6,84 kWp
Tradate (VA), 55,8 kWp
Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp
Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp
Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp
Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp
Torri - Lago di Garda (VR), 9 kWp
Solarpark Maniago, 5 MWp
Solarpark Newergies, Ungarn, 1 MWp
Solarpark Ecovision, Ukraine, 30 kWp
UTEM Solar, Hostomel, Ukraine, 36 kWp