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Energy3000 Solar Insurance

Play it safe - protect yourself comprehensively against risks and even have the yield of your PV system guaranteed! Energy3000 solar does not leave its customers standing in the rain and is also there in case of emergencies with an insurance package specially tailored to PV systems. This offer was developed in cooperation with Willis, a leading provider of special insurance, and includes specific coverage of property damage:

  • Construction, material or execution errors
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Water or moisture
  • Storm, hail, frost, flood or snow pressure
  • Theft, burglary, vandalism
  • Short-circuit, overcurrent or overvoltage
  • Operating errors, clumsiness, intent of third parties
  • Failure of measurement, control or safety systems
  • Lack of water, oil or lubricantl
  • Positive pressure or negative pressure
  • Animal bites
  • Loss of earnings/reduced yield insurance

Detailed information can be obtained directly from your Energy3000 solar partner.