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Top products for the best PV performance

Energy3000 solar concentrates on renowned partners and outstanding quality when selecting its components. After all, anyone who invests in a photovoltaic system or a storage system should benefit from it for a long time to come. This is what the products of renowned manufacturers and the Austrian system house itself stand for - with solar solutions for the third millennium.

Strict quality controls

Before Energy3000 solar adds components to its range, they have to pass several quality controls - both at the producers and at Energy3000 solar itself.

Certified Quality

The offered products carry all important certificates according to the valid quality standards. But as is well known, the products are twice as effective: they are therefore additionally tested by independent institutes such as TÜV, VDE, SGS and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Correct use

In order to install the high-quality components as intended and with full functionality, all Energy3000 solar specialist partners are specially trained for this. Even after the completion of the system, you remain as the local contact for service, maintenance and any questions that may arise.

Professional waste disposal

Energy3000 solar is a member of the UFH. In accordance with the Ordinance on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EAG-VO), which ensures that solar modules are fed into an adequate recycling process after use and that all valuable components are reused.



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