Energy3000 solar develops solar power solutions for the future.
From the home to the solar park.

Solar Power made in Austria

With many years of experience and international partners.

Energy3000 solar has stood for research and development in the field of renewable energy for almost ten years. From its headquarters in Eisenstadt, Austria, the internationally operative company develops sustainable energy solutions with a focus on:

>  Development, planning and execution of photovoltaic systems for solar parks
>  Planning and construction of self-consumption systems for private households and businesses
>  Off-grid photovoltaic systems
>  Diesel hybrid solutions
>  Development of solutions for energy and building management

Mission statement of Energy3000 solar GmbH

Our vision:

>  We are a leading provider of energy solutions and services in the area of photovoltaic and energy storage.
>  We are proud of our contribution to decentralized, emission-free, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems.

Our mission:

>  We think globally.
>  We work in a structured manner and follow our strategies.
>  We deliver high quality and promote a learning culture.
>  We establish valuable partnerships and make our customers successful through complete solutions along the customer’s value chain.
>  We set standards with our solutions and our digital business processes.
>  We offer an attractive and safe working environment.

Our values:

>  Ethics / Morals - Respect for people, environment and nature - without exception
>  Honesty - Sincerity and integrity towards everyone
>  Quality and safety - People and the environment, product and benefits – to reach the optimum together
>  Responsibility - Responsibility for the environment, employee and customer satisfaction
>  Humanity - Social and social commitment pays off
>  Excellence - By making extraordinary efforts to become an excellent company
>  Consequence - Consistent action is the basis for our success
>  Environment - Careful use of resources

IBC SOLAR and Energy3000 solar


IBC SOLAR and Energy3000 solar have been partners for your photovoltaic business in Austria for 10 years. IBC SOLAR, one of the largest solar system houses in the world, also participated in the founding of IBC SOLAR Austria 10 years ago, which was renamed Energy3000 solar this year. The people involved are the same, the best service gets even better and the extensive offer is even more extensive. Everything is entirely in the interest of our customers.

Energy3000 solar is the exclusive distribution partner of the German IBC SOLAR AG in Austria, Italy, Hungary and Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In addition, an expanded portfolio enables a flexible response to the requirements and specifications of the individual target countries.


The internationally operating Energy3000 solar group consists of three subsidiaries:

>  Energy3000 solar GmbH in Austria
>  Engergy3000 solar Kft. in Hungary
>  Energy3000 solar srl in Italy

From its locations in Eisenstadt (Austria), Pastrengo / Verona (Italy) and Gyöngy / Györ (Hungary), Energy3000 solar manages its projects in Austria, Italy, Hungary as well as Eastern and Southeastern Europe.


Energy3000 solar Team



Christian Bairhuber

Tel: +43 2682 704-8230


Assistant to the Management

Anna Bairhuber
Tel: +43 2682 704-82381



Iris Schumich
Tel: +43 2682 704-82370


Internal Sales

Constanze-Nicole Fröhlich
Tel: +43 2682 704-82378


Internal Sales

Natália Csákó
Tel: +43 2682 704-82377


Area Sales Manager

Balázs Horváth
Mobil: +43 699 110 676 72


Area Sales Manager

Raimund Horny
Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Salzburg
Mobil: +43 699 107 137 60


Area Sales Manager

Lesya Vashchyshyn
East Europe
Mobil: +43 664 88 29 55 02





Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wieger
Tel: +43 2682 704-8230


Assistant to the Management

Michael Bairhuber
Tel: +43 2682 704-8232



Anna Seewald
Tel: +43 2682 704-82382


Internal Sales

Sabine Doerflinger
Tel: +43 2682 704-8235


Sales and Engineering

Dmytro Nazarchuk
Tel: +43 2682 704-82372


Area Sales Manager

Roman Cwienk
Styria, Carinthia, East Tyrol
and southern Burgenland
Mobil: +43 664 910 75 60


Area Sales Manager

Pascal Bombe
South Tyrol
Mobil: +39 347 114 38 23


Area Sales Manager

Tetyana Petrenko
East Europe
Mobil: +43 664 88 29 55 06




Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Schuld
Tel: +43 2682 704-82373


Backoffice / Authorized officer

Hannelore Krisam
Tel: +43 2682 704-8230


Procurement and Logistics

Doris Renner
Tel: +43 2682 704-82375


Internal Sales

Michael Fröch
Tel: +43 2682 704-82380


Sales Projects

Mag. Andrea Dober
Mobil: +43 664 302 15 00


Area Sales Manager

Dino Smudla
Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria,

Northern Burgenland and Southeastern Europe
Tel: +43 2682 704-82377


Area Sales Manager

Darko Vidović
Carinthia and Slovenia

Mobil: +43 664 882 955 11


Storage Management

Mirza Sejmenovic
Tel: +43 2682 704-82375


Storage and Consignment

Afan Sejmenovic
Tel: +43 2682 704-82375


Storage and Consignment

Kocsis Zoltán
Tel: +43 2682 704-82375





Trading partners


Energy3000 solar has trading partners throughout Austria, Italy, Hungary and many other countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, who are happy to answer all your questions, plan and implement your PV system. Write us a short mail and we will be happy to inform you of our partner in your region and if you wish, also arrange direct contact with them.




Energy3000 solar - your reliable partner for PV projects


Reference project VISTA in Hungary


VISONTA / Ungarn

VISONTA / Hungary


VISONTA / Hungary


VISONTA / Hungary



Reference projects in Austria


Metro, St. Pölten, 1 MWp


Scheifling bei Murau, Steiermark, 200 kWp


Energie AG, Wolfern, 800 kWp


Bürgerkraftwerk Kremsmünster, 100 kWp


ETU, Votzi, Breitstetten, 93 kWp


Flughafen Linz, 400 kWp


Kärnten Solar, Baustoff Gressel, Poggersdorf, 200 kWp


Kärnten Solar, Volksschule Weissensee, 61 kWp


EnUmtech, Einhausung Trebesing, 300 kWp


Hotel Royer, Schladming, 100 kWp


Kneidinger Center Linz, Linz Strom, 150 kWp


Kommunalzentrum Peilstein, 36 kWp


Flextronic ©Kärnten Solar, 1 MWp


Energie AG, Aschedeponie Timelkam, 400 kWp


Energy3000 solar Mitarbeiteranlage, Bad Vöslau, 462 kWp


REWE Inzersdorf, 100 kWp


Kärnten Solar, Weissenseer, 150 kWp


FF Lehmbach, 22 kWp, Projekt von Donau Böhmerwald


CMB Engelhartszell, 60 kWp, G. Klampfer


Solarpark Judenburg, 1,2 MWp


Solarpark Kindberg, 1 MWp


REWE Ohlsdorf, 107 kWp


Lebenshilfe Rankweil, 115 kWp


Elektrotechnik Binder, Forstgut Kupferschmidt, Wolfau, 47 kWp


Stadtwerke Judenburg, Heizwerk Fohnsdorf, 180 kWp




Reference projects Helios II in Upper Austria





(150 PV-Anlagen mit insgesamt 3,5 MWp)


Reference objects in Italy


BM Energia srl, Muggiò (MB), 6,84 kWp

Muggiò (MB), 6,84 kWp


Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp


Torri - Lago di Garda (VR), 9 kWp


Tradate (VA), 55,8 kWp


Bressanone (BZ), 100 kWp


Solarpark Maniago, 5 MWp


Fanano (MO), 211,9 kWp


Bressanone (BZ), 100 kWp



Reference projects in Hungary and Ukraine



Solarpark Newergies, Ungarn, 1 MWp



Solarpark Ecovision, Ukraine, 30 kWp


UTEM Solar, Hostomel, Ukraine, 36 kWp





Energy3000 solar Certificate