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Use our PV expertise for your business.


Your ideal partner

Our experience flows into every new PV project. And every new project develops our experience.

It is not only the experience, but also its the network that counts: Qualified specialist partners on site, as well as reliable suppliers, guarantee the high yield of your PV system. Only strong partners and high-quality components ensure success.


Energy3000 solar - a contact for your PV solution

With the best quality. Individual service. And guaranteed performance.

From initial consultation to maintenance.
A partner accompanies you through the entire project.

Specialist partner on site.
A dense network of specialist partners guarantees service and best performance in your area.

Great experience - for individual solutions.
Planning and implementation of PV systems in workshops to solar parks that provide power to 10,000 households - for Energy3000 solar every project is an exciting task.

Complete package or individual services.
Energy3000 solar looks after your PV project at every stage of development. From the beginning to the current operation or occasionally in individual phases.

Tested quality for highest performance.
The components that Energy3000 solar trusts have been thoroughly tested without exception. This is because only the best quality provides the highest performance.

Product and performance guarantee.
Bis zu 15 Jahre Produktgarantie auf Photovoltaikmodule. Und 25 Jahre garantierte Leistung Ihrer PV-Anlage.


Energy3000 solar – PV-Creator


PV Creator. Realize ideas!

Simple and efficient. All in just one application.

Energy3000 solar facilitates the preparation and realization of PV systems for its specialist partners. From a single-family home to commercial industrial halls and to solar parks. Planned just with a few clicks, calculated and ready for implementation.

With the PV Creator Energy3000 solar sets new standards in the planning, calculation and implementation of PV systems. Where and when you plan, is your decision. As well as from which terminal. You start the browser, log in and start designing. Your data is available anytime, anywhere.

The foundation stones are stock plans or roof templates from Google Maps satellite imagery. This will take you "step by step" to the statically correct and economically optimized mounting system as well as to the design and wiring diagram. Planning and interference parameters such as wind, snow, roof pitch and solar radiation are also automatically taken into account.

The PV Creator plans with safety, comprehensively, and exactly according to your ideas and project specifications. In addition, Energy3000 solar specialist partners receive reliable project documentation. This not only contains impressive graphics, but also all illustrations in accordance with the standards and norms to be complied with.


The advantages of the PV-Creator at a glance:

  • Plan, calculate, sell and settle with just one tool
  • Automatic updates and cloud access
  • Easy handling
  • Roof template from Google Maps
  • Detailed representation of the object and the environment
  • Representative graphics
  • Consideration of interference objects, location and weather data as well as shading
  • Quotation calculation and order
  • Continuous update through feedback from the installers

Now move to professional planning. Contact us, and we will inform you about usage and licenses.



Become a specialist partner







Energy3000 solar has known the solar market for many years. Use our knowledge for your advantage.

Specialist partners hold together. And benefit from each other.


Become an Energy3000 solar reseller and get the support we offer - from training and events to sales and marketing activities. You will find us where the solar scene meets, such as at trade fairs, congresses and events focused on renewable energy, which are opening up new, exciting opportunities.

As an Energy3000 solar specialist you also benefit from experience and industry based knowledge from the approximately 200 000 projects that our company has already realized. Not only in Austria, but beyond.

We will show you the potential in the solar business and support you in the development, planning and realization of your projects - from a single source and with one contact person. Then you will know who you are dealing with.

As a well-networked and experienced player in the Central and Eastern European solar market, Energy3000 solar is also an attractive partner for other market participants. These connections benefit our trade partners by making contacts themselves - from architects and property developers to energy providers.

Become part of this network too. As a distributor of Energy3000 solar!

Write us a short mail and we will contact you.






Large PV systems of Energy3000 solar for roofs and open spaces.


Solar power instead of coal

In Visonta, Energy3000 solar created Hungary's largest solar park - on the remains of a spoil heap of a coal-fired power plant.


Bürgerbeteiligungsanlage für Kärnten Solar

Citizens Power Plant Flex: 4,000 modules generate 1 MWp.
Flextronic ©Kärnten Solar


PV Free-Land in Kindberg

Solar park Lindberg produced 1 MWp.


Solar parks of Energy3000 solar

Energy3000 has been planning, constructing and servicing PV open-space and rooftop installations in Austria, Hungary, Italy and Eastern and Southeastern Europe for many years. The electricity which is produced, can either be consumed by yourself or uploaded in accordance with EEG remuneration.


One step ahead with experience

For the expertise of Energy3000 solar, extraordinary large-scale plants such as the Visonta solar power plant in Hungary, which supplies 10,000 households with electricity, or the 800 kWp system on the roof of a company in Upper Austria, speak for themselves. This is also valid for individual solutions from small and medium-sized companies up to large corporations.

It's not size that matters, but the goal: to work together to achieve the best yields from the power of the Sun.


Energy3000 solar - a contact for your complete solar project


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