Why PV?



Make yourself independent and produce your own electricity. Energy3000 solar has the right solution for your home.


Radiate with the Sun

Save money every day with your PV system.

High electricity bills were yesterday

Upgrade now and produce your own electricity.


Power from solar energy - so efficient as never before

Solar power can now be stored for the hours of the day when the sun is not shining.

Generate power, save it and then access it when it is needed. Energy3000 solar has the right solution for this: When the Sun is shining, your photovoltaic system transforms the solar power into electricity. Intelligent storage systems ensure that the power can also be used over the long term. In particular, this happens when the Sun's strength subsides. This will save you up to 80% of your electricity costs.

Und wenn einmal Strom „übrig bleibt“? And what if electricity is "left over"? Then you can feed it into the public network and gain cash for over 20 years.





Five reasons for using solar energy: 

  • Own electricity means lower electricity costs: Save around 50% on purchases from the energy suppliers.
  • Consume more, save more: Unlike purchased electricity, the additional consumption does not become more expensive.
  • Independence leaves more room for maneuver: Rising electricity prices and competition struggles for customers between energy suppliers leave homeowners with photovoltaic systems cold.
  • Take from the inexhaustible: Unlike resources such as oil, solar power is available indefinitely.
  • Bring sustainability into your own home: Solar power is produced cleanly and sustainably. With a photovoltaic system you make a contribution to the environment - and with it build for future generations.


Why Energy3000 solar is the right choice


The plant that suits you


Energy3000 solar also has the right system for your home.

Of course you are not like your neighbor. Why should you get the same he has 1:1? Energy3000 solar values that you get exactly the PV system that suits your needs. Our specialist partners advise you in detail and plan individually for you. This ensures your system achieves the best possible performance. With this, you benefit in the best possible way.


With Energy3000 solar you have the right partner:

  • because many years of experience means a head start,
  • because guarantees are not only promised but also realised,
  • because best quality guarantees best yields,
  • because we calculate the solar radiation on site and thus adapt each system individually,
  • because your specialist partner is close to you,
  • because you will receive an all-inclusive package upon request, from A-Z: Consultation, installation, financing, insurance and reliability.


Energy3000 solar Carports





Innovative PV technology, functional design, best usability

Carport as a filling station or feed the electricity obtained to your household.

Do you want to protect your car from rain and snow? Equip yourself with a future-proof Energy3000 solar carport with integrated photovoltaic roof. Earn part of the cost through your self-produced electricity or just use it for your home! PV Carports from Energy3000 solar are the ideal all-in-one solution that can be installed quickly and easily, while offering an unbeatable price.

  • 25-year performance guarantee on modules
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Flexible carrier and module system
  • Solutions for one, two or more vehicles
  • Modules from renowned manufacturers
  • Complete solutions with integrated wallbox

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Activate the solar power calculator!

You enter your data, and our solar solar power calculator shows you how you will benefit from your PV system.

The amount of your potential savings through a PV system depends on various factors. With our solar power calculator, you get first clues about how much you save. You only need to enter some data, and the rest is done by the calculator. Give it a try - you'll be amazed what the transition to solar energy will bring!




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What you always wanted to know about photovoltaics

FAQs for private customers:


Electric energy from solar energy is also called solar power. The Sun produces energy through nuclear fusion, which reaches the Earth in particles as electromagnetic radiation. Photovoltaic systems (PV) convert this energy into electricity.

Solar cells are responsible for this. When the sunlight strikes the solar cells, electrons are released from a semiconductor material, thus separating electrical charges. This creates electrical voltage that flows through an inverter generating alternating current.

Another form of heat production from solar energy is from solar thermal power plants (solar power plants).

  • Solar power is generally available to everyone everywhere.
  • Solar power is inexhaustible.
  • Solar power is regenerative, passive, noiseless and emission-free.
  • Solar power makes you independent of rising energy prices.

The most important components of the photovoltaic system are the solar cells, which are assembled into larger units in so-called solar modules. They are protected from contamination by glass and fixed on the roof by means of a mounting system.

In order to produce enough electricity, several solar modules are necessary. They generate direct current, which is then converted to alternating current via inverters. By connecting them to the house, the electricity can now be used - "fresh from the roof" - or fed into the general electricity grid.

Electricity that is not consumed immediately can either be fed into the general electricity grid or stored with batteries using a storage system. In this way, it is available in your own household at another time.

Control systems monitor the performance of the photovoltaic system, so that the current power production can be measured at any time.

The current solar modules are expected to last about 30 years. However, experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems believe that their lifespan can be 40 years or more.

Grid-connected modules make it possible to upload solar power into the general electricity grid. The grid operator is obliged after a period of 20 years to remove surplus electricity from solar systems.

There are differences in the rates paid. Therefore, it is worthwhile comparing the offers of the individual electricity providers.

At the end of the 20 years, you can feed the unused electricity into the electricity grid at the exchange electricity price. Another possibility is the purchase of new modules. The old modules can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

The annual solar radiation in Austria averages 1,100 kWh per square meter in Vienna, Burgenland, Upper and Lower Austria. It can even reach 1,400 kWh south of the Alpine regions. Thus, even with smaller solar systems, sufficient electricity for a household can be produced.

In order to adapt your Energy3000 solar system to your location, solar radiation is calculated in advance. This will adjust the performance of your modules.

Energy3000 solar does not sell its products to end customers, but relies on selected specialist partners for sales. Local installation specialists create your photovoltaic concept according to your personal situation. Our specialist partners install the system professionally and put it into operation for you. You receive competent guidance and can always rely on these specialist partners for maintenance and service.

Energy3000 solar grants product warranty for up to 15 years on new photovoltaic modules. In addition, you benefit from our performance guarantee: We promise that your photovoltaic system will deliver the expected performance for over 25 years.

Grid parity translates to network equivalency and refers to a threshold. "Grid Parity" is given when the power from the photovoltaic system can be produced at the cost of the purchase of a conventional electricity producer.

Since this value was already undercut several years ago, the electricity from photovoltaic systems for their owners is cheaper than the purchase of power from an electricity supplier.

The "Merit Order Effect" aims to ensure that expensive and environmentally damaging power plants are the first to be disconnected from the grid if the electricity supply is covered.

The answer is clearly: yes! Because the cost of electricity that you produce with photovoltaics is lower than electricity suppliers' electricity prices (see Grid Parity). Not only OeMAG - the green electricity processing center - has lowered its remuneration rates, but photovoltaic systems have also become cheaper to buy.

In addition, independence from the electricity market and a return of around 10 percent make photovoltaics even more attractive!

Solar energy is - unlike fossil fuels such as gas and oil - available in unlimited quantities and also produced on site. Despite all the opposition, solar power systems make an important contribution to the protection of the environment, not least because they produce without emissions and thus reduce pollutant emissions.

The fact that even the production of the solar power systems themselves affects the environment was refuted by several researches. Even if the production of the plants themselves requires energy, this is paid back after around two years - from then on, the energy gain begins.

The CO2 savings of photovoltaic systems represent a comparative value for power generation from fossil energy sources.

For a photovoltaic system with 3 kWp, the following values result:

  • CO2 savings per kWh: 0.6kg CO2
  • Annual CO2 reduction: 0.6 kg / a x 4,500 kWh / a = 2,700 kg per year
  • Annual supply to the power grid: approx. 4,500 kWh

In concrete terms, a 1,000-watt PV system prevents the emission of around 500 kg of CO2 per year.

Photovoltaic modules contain a large amount of recyclable materials such as aluminum and glass. With appropriate disposal, a large part of it can be recycled for the production of new solar modules.

The professional disposal of solar modules is guaranteed by UFH, of which Energy3000 solar is a member.